It’s been a little while since I have written. I apologize, as the beginning of the school year is upon us, and so much of my attention has been diverted. But as I sit here and reflect upon the past few weeks, the thoughts that circle around my mind have one common theme: gratitude. I’m am truly humbled and grateful for the life I have. I feel blessed in every sense of the word for the multitude of opportunities and people that surround us. 

First and foremost, I am grateful for my three children. As much as each day of raising them can be stressful and overwhelming, the fact that I get to even be called “Mommy” makes my heart overflow with thanks. I teach them right and wrong, manners, facts about the world and my interpretation of what being a good human embodies. But the reality remains that each and every day, they teach me more about the world than anyone ever can. They represent love in its purest form and for that reason alone, I am grateful.

As summer vacation came to a close, I have had several people ask me if I’m sad to go back to work. The answer without question is “no.” What do I have to be sad about? I get to spend each day working with children, helping families, loving the kids who need it the most. And I do this while being able to be home with my children when they are off of school. I have a career that allows me to have every weekend and holiday off. School is out a week for Thanksgiving, three weeks around Christmas, a week in the spring and a whole two months in the summer. And honestly, the amount I make is enough to sustain a decent quality of life for me and my kids. So what else do I need? I love everything there is about my job, even on the difficult days, and for that I’m grateful.

Years ago when I was in an abusive marriage, the blessings in my life were obscured. The everyday routine was full of so much darkness that nothing seemed beautiful. Recently, as Southern California has been engulfed in flames, the ash and smoke from the fires tainted the beauty of the day. The air was gray, the ground seemed orange and it was difficult to see the landmarks ahead of us. It reminded me of the emotions I felt when I was married. At that point in my life, it felt like there was an inferno around me daily. It wasn’t until I stood on my own two feet, put out the flames and washed away the soot, did I finally reveal all the blessings that I never realized I had. I’m grateful for my strength.

I no longer live with the idea that my life’s lessons belongs to me. They don’t. I have made a vow that I will proceed in all aspects of my life with the intention to share my blessings with those around me. I am convinced that sharing what I have learned and gained over the years, will not only help increase my blessings, but also for those of others. My prayer for the world is that each person be able to reach the level of gratitude that I live in and surpass it. For maybe that is the key for peace and happiness for all.

Daniel 2:23

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