Bye-Bye Summer

And just like that my summer vacation comes to an end. Tomorrow is the first day of my 2018-2019 school year (Kids start on August 8.). This was the first summer in 6 years I actually had a break. And it was just what I needed. I got to check a lot off of my To-Do list; started eating healthier, spent lots of time with the kids and even got to go on a vacation. 

Years ago, before I even had kids, I knew I wanted to work in education. Initially, I thought the only way I could do that was to become a teacher. As I ended my teaching credential program, I realized that wasn’t enough for me. Don’t get me wrong, I think teachers have the hardest job out there. I value each and every one of them. There is a selflessness in teaching that cannot be compared to any job out there. But for me, I knew my impact on education needed to go beyond the classroom. School psychology was the route I chose. 

Today, I’m grateful and proud of the work that I do. Not only do I get to work with students who struggle the most, but I also get to work with teachers, administrators and so many other professionals who make education for students possible. And a major perk of this is that I also get to enjoy two months of time at home with my kids. 

I knew education was the “industry” for me because it would allow me to use my brain and skills, be around children, yet still be able to be home with my kids during their time off. This summer was the first time I was able to reap the benefit of this. 

Our family grew so much together this summer. We spent time learning, playing and making our house feel like a home. There were so many projects that had been left untouched due to various reasons. However, this year, I focused on us growing to love our home. We furnished it more (thanks to some friends). We picked out decorative items together and spent lots of time enjoying the peace and tranquility of home. There’s a lot to be done still, but overall, we really have been able to finally feel like this place is ours.

Spiritually, I have grown tremendously in the past two months. My vision for myself and the purpose that God has for me has been revealed. I’m working on putting in the work and tying the loose ends of making that purpose and dream become reality. Writing this blog has allowed me to share stories and break chains of bitterness and  unforgiveness  that were weighing heavily upon my heart. Thank you all for your support through the process and continuing to encourage me to share my story with you. 

It was so appropriate that as the end of summer comes about and the new school year begins, the message at church today was about escaping our limitations. This powerful message leads my heart to continue to not only live with kindness and compassion towards others, but to remember the same for myself. I am worthy of all the greatness I desire. I am worthy of achieving the goals I have put on the back-burner. I am worthy of living the life that brings me true happiness. And so are you. Let’s grow together. 

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