Grocery Shopping

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For most of us, whether we are single or married, motherhood has its challenges. One of the biggest ones is a simple one: grocery shopping. Often we make a list to remember all the things we need and also to try our best to stay focused on buying only the things we have on our list. Recently, due to the delivery services and apps available, some of us don’t even need to venture out of our home to do our family’s shopping. The extra money we spend on the fees is worth the convenience.

Today, I decided to use grocery shopping as an outing. We got back from our vacation yesterday and we were low on food. As always, I reminded the kids to use the restroom, get changed and be ready to leave the house.

Off to the grocery store we went. We went a little bit further out of our way since I had another errand to run at the other side of town. As I was driving down the freeway, I looked back and realized Baron had failed to buckle himself in. For a split second, I contemplated just continuing to drive, but my mommy conscience got a hold of me, so we had to pull off the freeway so I could buckle him in properly. 

We finally got to the grocery store. Wilhelmina was in charge of the list. But of course as we walked in, she started to scream because she had left the list in the car. Again, I was overtaken by mom guilt, and back to the car we walked for the list that contained about 10 items. 

Please keep in mind that crossing a busy grocery store parking lot is quite a chore. Making sure each child is secure, not running, and keeping an eye out for cars is so stressful. I think we have it down to a science, but still it’s not something I want to do any more than I need to. 

Finally, we had our cart. And the bickering began. “I wanna push the cart.” “No, you pushed it the last time. It’s my turn.” And then the tears. Why must there always be tears? After a scolding and a “Only Mommy is going to push the cart,” our shopping began. 

We were almost done in the produce section, when Cortland muttered those words that no parent wants to hear in public: “Mommy, I have to go poop.” Oh dear! First, we had to ask an employee where the restrooms were located. Thankfully, it’s a newer grocery store and we didn’t have to go to the back through the swinging doors and the stock room. For some reason, that always creeped me out. 

We left the cart outside and walked into the restroom. I probably said, “Don’t touch that,” about 75 times. Cortland used the restroom, we all had to wash our hands and out we went. Where was our cart? Our cart was missing! Are you kidding me? I asked one of the cashiers and no one knew. Someone took our cart. 

Back to the produce aisle we went with a new cart. We were almost done shopping. Our cart definitely had way more than the 10 items on the list. It didn’t matter, we just needed to be done. As we walked through the freezer section, Baron started screaming and crying. “I peed in my pants!!” Seriously??? What in the world is going on today? At this point, there was no more Mom guilt left. I told him he had to wait until we were done. 

We threw in the last couple of items and checked out. We all went to the restroom again. But of course, since I had packed the car for our vacation recently, I had taken out our emergency clothes bag. Luckily, I had an extra pair of underwear for Baron in my purse. He rode home Flintstone style. 

The second errand was never completed. Grocery delivery services, you have my 10% service fee forever! 

One thought on “Grocery Shopping”

  1. Oh my!!! Wow, that is a lot that happened all in one trip. I’m sorry. =( Remember if you ever need anything to let me know. =)
    I have even thought about using grocery service but I haven’t pulled the plug yet.


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